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Kirsty’s Olympic Dream

Preparing for Paris 2024: Kirsty has built her strong foundation. […]

Preparing for Paris 2024: Kirsty has built her strong foundation.

As a relatively new triathlete, her focus is on building a solid foundation. This includes honing technical skills, strengthening her physical base, and developing her mental toughness. Every day of training and competition brings Kirsty joy, she is constantly pushing herself to improve.

Aiming for the Podium >>>

While every athlete dreams of standing on the podium, Kirsty know’s the competition in her class (PTS4) is fierce. There’s a lot of hard work to get through ahead to reach that goal.

Overcoming Challenges >>>

Qualifying for the Paris 2024 Paralympics is tough, but nothing compares to battling illness daily says Kirsty. Overcoming an eating disorder and living with neurological lupus have given Kirsty resilience, discipline, adaptability, and self-belief—qualities crucial for excelling in triathlon.

Joy in the Journey>>>

Triathlon has brought immense joy into Kirsty’s life. Despite starting with borrowed equipment and minimal experience, the sport and the community have given her a reason to fight every day.

Mindset and Motivation>>>

Mental preparation is a work in progress for Kirsty. Overcoming past challenges has been tough, but her team’s support keeps her positive. On difficult days, she remind myself of the incredible opportunities and the joy triathlon brings, motivating her to rise again tomorrow.

With a wide open heart, Kirsty tell’s the world >>

“I love life and want to live and race forever. Every challenge I’ve faced has a purpose, and if I can inspire someone through my journey, that’s why I keep fighting”.

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For more updates on Kirsty’s journey to Paris 2024, stay tuned!