Event Chronicles: Past & Future Highlights

Paddling Powered by Olympic! A weekend of racing and fun on the water

This past weekend, we had the incredible opportunity to sponsor […]

This past weekend, we had the incredible opportunity to sponsor a thrilling Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) event that brought together enthusiasts from all around. Held over two sun-soaked days, the event was a celebration of skill, endurance, and community spirit. Competitors battled it out in various categories, including technical races, wave-riding, long-distance challenges, and head-to-head sprints, making it a weekend to remember.

Day One: Wave Riding Fun

The first day kicked off with some quality surfing (wave riding)! How inspiring to watch men & women show up like that!

Day Two: The Thrill of Racing

The second day kicked off with adrenaline-pumping races that had everyone on the edge of their seats. The technical races showcased the paddlers’ agility and precision as they navigated through challenging courses. It was a true test of their skills and quick thinking on the water. As the races progressed, the excitement was palpable, with each competitor pushing their limits to cross the finish line.

The second day was also all about endurance, featuring long-distance races that highlighted the competitors’ stamina and determination. Paddlers embarked on grueling courses that tested their physical and mental strength. The sense of camaraderie was evident as spectators cheered on their favorite athletes, creating an electric atmosphere of support and encouragement.

Celebrating success with Olympic prizes

We were thrilled to sponsor the prizes for this event, and seeing the winners’ faces light up as they received their awards was a highlight for us. Our brand takes pride in being present at such events, where we not only get to support the SUP community but also showcase our exceptional footwear to both competitors and spectators. It’s our forte to be part of events that align with our values and passion for outdoor activities.

A HUGE thank you to all >>

A huge thank you to everyone who participated, spectated, and helped organize this fantastic event. Your enthusiasm and energy made it a memorable experience for all. We look forward to many more events like this, where we can continue to connect with the community and support the sports we love.

Stay tuned for our next adventure on the water, and don’t forget to check out our latest footwear designed to keep you comfortable and stylish, whether you’re training for your sup event, spectating, or exploring the great outdoors.